The staff below are currently members of the research group and have some involvement in the MSc degree.

Dr. Markus Hofmann is currently a senior lecturer at Technological University Dublin, where he focuses on the areas of web development, data mining and business intelligence, and is course coordinator for our MSc in Applied Data Science and Analytics. He has taught at Level 6, 7, 8 and 9 in subjects such as Data Mining, Data Mining Applications, Text and Web Content Mining, Web Design, Information Retrieval and Databases. Dr. Hofmann published extensively at national as well as international level and specialised in recent years in the areas of Data Mining, learning object creation, eLearning and virtual learning environments. He further has strong connections to the Business Intelligence and Data Mining sector both on an academic as well as industry level and currently is involved in the conceptual design and development of several projects such as a fully integrated eLearning tool for the data mining software RapidMiner, a Moodle VLE Plug-in to Support Simultaneous Visualisation of a Collection of Multi-Media Sign Language Corpora Objects, and 2-D and 3-D visualisation of multiple learning objects. Furthermore he is co-editing and co-writing a book on data mining case studies focusing strongly on educational concepts and techniques to improve the learning experience in this area.

Geraldine is Head of Informatics at TU Dublin, and specialises in data science. She has lectured on the MSc in Applied Data Science and Analytics since its inception in 2010, and is actively engaged in data science related research with a particular interest in data analytics within a learning context. Publications include invited book chapters, journal publications and  conference papers, and she is an active member of  the Society of Learning Analytics Research. Geraldine has peer reviewed for a number of journals on manuscripts focused on analysis of psychometric and learning data.

Aurelia Power is a lecturer in computing with Technological University Dublin, Blanchardstown Campus. She has completed her PhD in computational linguistics and her research interests include computational linguistics, text analytics, programming and software engineering, artificial intelligence, logics, linguistic theory, language acquisition, and behaviour analysis.  She is also a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst and a Certified Professional Java Programmer.

Simon McLoughlin is a Lecturer in Informatics at the Technological University Dublin. He was awarded a B.Sc. (Hons) in computer science from NUI Maynooth in 1999 and a PhD from NUI Maynooth in 2006 for research in the area of computer vision for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). His current research interests are in computer vision and image analysis, mobile mapping, ITS and photometry. He has supervised a number of postgraduate students and published a number of academic peer reviewed papers in these areas.

Laura Keyes is a lecturer in the Informatics Department at Technological University Dublin, teaching in the areas of Mathematics, Databases, Data Mining and Geospatial data mining as well as supervising student projects at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Laura began her lecturing career at Maynooth University where she also worked as a research assistant and published extensively in the area of Graphical Object Recognition. She is currently completing her PhD in the field of Graphics Recognition and Shape Analysis with a focus on vector graphical object recognition including GIS data. Additional research interests include Geographic Data Quality and Volunteered Geographic Information, Machine Learning and Spatial Analysis.

Dr. Kyle Goslin is currently a Lecturer in Computing at the Technological University Dublin in Ireland, specialising in web application development, information retrieval, text analysis and data visualization. Kyle has taught for over 10 years at third level in Ireland, teaching a wide range of web development related subjects. During this time, he has been involved in several different web-based data driven start-up companies with the aim of reducing time to market for businesses.

Kyle has contributed to several different open-source learning platforms with the aim of making education accessible to all learners by aiding both teachers and students. Kyle has developed and defended a number of different third level computing courses validated by Quality and Qualifications Ireland. He has published peer-reviewed articles relating to information retrieval, text analysis and learning environments. In his spare time, he is a technical reviewer for data and software development related books. He holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours) and Doctor of Philosophy from the Technological University Dublin, where he currently lectures and lives.

Dr Stephen O’Shaughnessy is a lecturer in Cyber Security at the Technological University Dublin, Ireland, where he delivers modules in Secure Coding, Application Security and Malware Forensics. He is also programme coordinator for the BSc. (Hons.) in Digital Forensics and Computer Security degree programme. His research interests lie in Cyber Security, with a particular focus on applications of machine learning to malware detection and classification.